When Should You Seek Shamanic Healing

Are you ready for Change? 
Do you feel that 'something is missing'?

“As a spiritual practice, shamanism can become a way of life  that may
utterly transform the one who practices it”  ~ Sandra Ingerman

When Should You Seek Shamanic Healing?

Shamanic healing is spiritual healing. The best marker for you to seek shamanic healing is because "something just doesn't feel right." You could seek spiritual healing when something in your life has changed abruptly for no reason because this can be a spiritually-caused incident. You may seek this form of spiritual healing when you have a sense that life is different after a significant trauma or grief. You might be reading about seeking shamanic healing when all other healing methods have failed.

Shamanic healing treats the spiritual causes of illness. Shamanic spiritual healing addresses spiritual causes of physical pain, especially those which do not change with conventional therapies. Imagine a life free of spiritual illness.

What is Spiritual Illness?

Spiritual illness happens when there is something amiss at a soul level. Spiritual illness means that there is something wrong or out of balance in your spiritual energy system. Spiritual illness happens to all of us naturally and can affect all sorts of things about your life. Spiritual illness can have many causes. Some of these causes can be obvious. Often the causes of spiritual illness are not obvious at all. Most often the causes of spiritual illness are to be found in the past.

Some Signs and Symptoms You May Be Experiencing Spiritual Illness

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If you are experiencing any of the things in this list, please feel free to make an appointment with me to explore or talk about shamanic healing and spiritual illness.