Shamanic Healing in Asheville, NC with Jeffrey Rich

Shamanic Healing is spiritual healing which helps uncover and awaken your Light within.

Uncover and Awaken Your Light WithinAt times we get tangled in energetic snarls from life, from the ancestors, from past lives, and we don't have clarity.
We become cut off from our natural sources of vitality and power.
Or, our shadow, that which blocks our Light, rears its unpleasant head.

Shamanic healing is all about clearing those blocks and helping remove that which stands in the way or your Light.

It can help

We can get tangled up in unhelpful energies in all sorts of ways. Shamanic Healing can help.

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Some of the Specific Shamanic Healing Services I Offer

Read about spiritual illness and when to seek shamanic spiritual healing.

There are many more ways in which Shamanic Healing can help you.
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Extraction of Spiritual Intrusions

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Spiritual intrusions are energies lodged in our energy field which do not belong to us. These spiritual energies are neither good nor bad; they are simply in the wrong place. Spiritual Intrusions don't mesh with our natural body energies.
Extracting Spiritual Intrusions can reduce pain, irritations, and emotional issues which seem immune to standard treatments. Extraction of Spiritual Intrusions is an age-old method of shamanic healing. Book a consultation with me to explore Extraction of Spiritual Intrusions.

Unraveling Energy Blockages

Read more about Unraveling Energy Blockages

Shamanic Healing involves working with energy, especially energy blockages and snarls. Energy snarls are strong fields we may have with us which change the path of our lives. They warp, deflect and deform the space around us, creating openings for unwanted events and closing the openings for wanted events. Energy snarls trap the persons who contact them. Energy Blockages can be either on purpose, or not on purpose. An accidental blockage can start as criticism which is taken in by its recipient which then becomes self-fulfilling in the person's life. These blockages are sometimes known as curses, hexes, oaths, and the unfinished business of our families, ancestors, or our past lives.

Energy blockages can also begin from ancestral oaths and agreements. Many voluntary slavery oaths were of the form, "I and my children and children's children will be your faithful servants for all time."  (Search Wikipedia for articles on "Oaths of Commendation" and "Oaths of Fealty" for more about this).
Unraveling these oaths can untangle us from the energies of the unfinished business of our ancestors. Book a consultation with me to explore Unraveling Energy Blockages.

Compassionate Depossession

Sometimes another being becomes entangled in your energy field. This is often a human soul that did not cross into the Divine Light for some reason. This being can become attached to you, a living person, for the comfort and benefits that your living body and your life force provide. Possession by such a suffering being can cause you physical, emotional and spiritual damage. The possessing spirit, the suffering being, is using your energy without permission.

Possession is natural and it is also undesirable. It happens all over the world, all the time. The being who is entangled in your energy field can overshadow your behavior. This can cause you to take actions or have thoughts that don't feel like "you".

If you have symptoms that are unresolved, arrived suddenly, come and go, or that you suspect might be the result of a possession, please schedule a consultation or for an appointment because it is my joy and privilege to help these beings find their true and right spiritual homes and to relieve the symptoms of the living.

Here's what you might want to know about what other cultures and religions believe about possession and about who the possessing beings are.

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Read more about Illumination

Our Luminous Energy Field carries imprints of past trauma and emotional wounds. These imprints are patterns in our spiritual life force system like grooves on a record. They steer us toward behaviors which repeat these traumas. Illumination is a shamanic healing method which transforms the heavy energies associated with these traumas, removing these imprints completely and permanently. This cleanses our spiritual life force bubble, erasing the patterns which drive us back into those loops of unhealthy and destructive thoughts and behavior. In the Illumination process, deeper insights are gained about these imprints and "the wounds cease scripting reality and turn out to be gifts of love and strength." If you are experiencing unexplainable repeating behaviors, book a consultation with me to explore the Illumination process.

Clearing Disturbing Unsettling Energies of Places, Projects, and Objects

Read more about Clearing Disturbing Energies and House Blessing

Energy fields and blockages can accumulate in living and working spaces just like dust bunnies!  Shamanic space clearing can dramatically improve the energies and feel of a place, making it a more pleasant environment and fostering more harmonious living and working conditions. Projects, too, can resonate with unwanted energies. Space Clearing can belp remove these resonances.

If you would like for your house or workspace to be blessed or cleared of energies (buying, selling, moving in, or just after a long time of occupancy), please book a consultation with me to discuss a Clearing.