So, why do I do shamanic work? Why do I teach shamanism?

You are a Luminous Being of Light! Shamanic practice has helped me to rediscover who I am, what I came here to do, and what my purpose is in this lifetime. It's helped me to find my own Light, that little spark of the Creator within, and to really see it more clearly. It's helped me to understand what Relationship truly is, to begin to deeply see how all things are inextricably interwoven in a beautiful way. It's shown me that I am inextricably woven in, too, the little boy who didn't think he belonged here, who didn't know why he'd been put here in the first place. It's given me place, and it's given me a glorious reconnection to the true Sources of love, power, and inspiration.

I want to share all that I have discovered with you.
I want to help you find and strengthen your own Light, to find your own purpose, to find your own connections to personal power, love and inspiration.
I want to share with you the luminous, liminal qualities of the work that I love so much.
I see success when you are able to use the techniques I teach you to begin finding your own answers in your own unique way.

I envision a world in which all people are aware that we exist not in isolation, but as parts of a matrix of Life, that we are all essential portions of the vast web of interconnected, aware Beings. I envision a world where we are once again fully awakened to the truth that everything around us is our Relation, our Ancestors, a world in which we acknowledge the Stone Peoples, the Tree Peoples, the Water Peoples, the Cloud and Rain Peoples, the Plant Peoples and all the other 'things' we see as People.

To this day, each shamanic journey I take, whether for myself or for a client, still fills me anew with wonder and awe, and gives me another glimpse into the Great Mystery. And that makes for one hell of a great day at work.

Jeffrey Rich