Jeffrey Rich, Shamanic Practitioner

Join me on your journey into well-being and wholeness
Uncover and Awaken Your Light Within
Jeffrey Rich, LMT Massage
                        Therapist, Shamanic Healing Practitioner |
                        Asheville, NC The magic of the life-giving
luminous world
unfolds around us
calling us to be
the whole, amazing beings
that we are meant to be.

    I am Jeffrey Rich, a 21st century shamanic practitioner and instructor living and working in Asheville, North Carolina. I love giving people the tools to live their best life and to find their own Light! Bringing the amazing love and Light of the Andean Cosmology here to you is also one of my joys. Check out the Quechua Basics Bootcamp pages

I also provide advanced, experienced massage therapy. Your needs shape my practice: I seek out training to help you recover from your past traumas, find the spiritual healing you seek for your personal growth and transformation, and to help you understand and develop your unique intuitive gifts. Read more about why I love shamanism so much.

Since the 1990's I have been a private practitioner and educator in the healing arts. I am committed to helping you; I train with indigenous and non-indigenous teachers from two continents on your behalf. I am a fully initiated shamanic practitioner; I bring my full experience and training to bear on your spiritual blockages and issues.

Thank you for honoring me with your confidence and trust. I continually strive to be a clear, 'hollow bone' and to allow Spirit to work through me with clarity for you and for our community.

I would love to hear from you. Please Contact me for a consultation, or for more information about my shamanic courses and shamanic healing sessions.