Drums, Rattles, and Shamanic Supplies

Links to Suppliers of Drums, Rattles, Metaphysical Books and other Shamanic Supplies

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Links to Drum Sellers and Other Resources


Amazon sells an inexpensive serviceable frame drum with a goat skin head that is perfect for shamanic work.  The head is tightly stretched, and for the larger 18"+ drums, the head rarely getsfloppy when humidity is high.  This can be a problem with smaller natural-skin headed drums from this same manufacturer, however. I bought this exact drum from a shamanic teacher and paid more for it than Amazon is asking.  Inexpensive and very satisfying for one's first shamanic drum investment; great sound, lightweight and very alive for shamanic work. Don't leave it in a hot car, though, or the hide head will shrink as it dries out and the frame will rupture in a dramatic, catastrophic way.


Atlanta Pro Percussion, one source for the Remo Buffalo Drum, synthetic-head hoop drums suitable for shamanic practice.  They hold up nicely, have a good resonant sound, and are not affected by humidity. It will go floppy and flat when it gets warm, however: the mylar head relaxes when it gets hot in a similar way that hide drums relax when they get moist. Realistically though, I have  only encountered this problem rarely while drumming outside on a sunny day. Great for cold winter days as the drum head gets nice and tight (raising the pitch) as it gets colder.


Books, Beans and Candles, Alabama's Largest Metaphysical Coffee Shoppe. Located in Birmingham's beautifully funky and historic Five-Points district.


The Didgeridoo Store, home of synthetic and natural didgeridoos and also for hoop and shaman drums, reasonably priced goat skin head drums for shamanic work. Cheerful and reliable.


The Dream Maker, a New Age Metaphysical Gift Shop located in Huntsville.


Spice of Life Herbs and Holistic Center in Deland, Florida (my second hometown!) has very good quality herbs. I have gotten excellent White Sage from them, sweet and easy burning stuff. These folks are nice and take their work very seriously.