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Dana Robinson's book list on his web site

The Books section of the on-line store at the Foundation for Shamanic Studies' web site,  Not exactly a book list per se, but contains titles not in my book list.

A selected annotated shamanic bibliography compiled by Anna L. DeMiller, Colorado State University Libraries

Native North American Shamanism: An Annotated Bibliography compiled by Shelley Anne Osterreich, 1998.  This book is reproduced on-line at Google Books via the link at left.  Contains listings of books, articles and special collections.

Select Articles about Shamanism and
Shamanic Healing on the World Wide Web

Thoughts on working and healing the Spirit of Place

A wonderful and very practical discussion and guide to working with spirits of place.  Ana is an exceptional teacher and delivers concrete, down-to-earth advice.  Her work is impeccable and extraordinary, and this article is a beautiful example of many of these fine qualities.

Thoughts on shamanism and the elusive nature of reality:

This comes from, David Lee Lang's excellent site on shamanism and his ruminations on it.  Check out his Articles page.  This article is very much in line with Toltec and Hawaiian shamanic philosophies as I understand them. 

Thoughts About Paying for Shamanic Work:

Good thoughts about the world as energetic landscape, and about the energy of exchange surrounding spiritual work and healing.

Thoughts on Integrating your Shamanic Healing:

Excellent thoughts, questions and answers about the integration  phase of shamanic healing.  I believe that these also apply to any spiritual healing.

Thoughts on Shamanic Healing:

Shamanic Healing: We are Not Alone an interview
with Michael Harner by Bonnie Horigan

An article from the Articles section of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies web site,

Thoughts on Shamanism:

Thoughts by Dana Robinson

Dana is a teacher for the Foundation.  His web site is  He also has a fantastic Book List of his own on his web site that is different than mine, and is divided into categories.

Thoughts on Spirit of Place:

First published in Shamanism, now hosted on The Circle of the Living Earth, this article is a wonderful intro into working with Spirit of Place, and how harmonizing the relationships between Spirits of Place and inhabitants and visitors can have a profound effect on the energetics of daily life there.

Thoughts on Coyote Medicine:

Honoring Coyote Medicine by
Valerie Frances Nunnelly

An article by a shamanic friend which appeared in Velocity magazine, a free publication circulated in Central Florida.  Val's article begins on page 33.

On a version of the Andean Despacho Ceremony of blessing:

A sweet, small article from the web site, Inca Shamanic Glossary, edited and compiled by Pat O'Neill.

Thoughts on Shamanism and on the Nature of the World:

We Are All Connected by
Jonathan Horwitz

An thought provoking interview with Jonathan Horwitz.

An article about the power and uses of the Rattle:

I really love this little article, sent me by a shamanic friend.  It encapsulates so much about rattles, the nature of shamanism and about shamanic tools in general.  It's just a little gem.

An article on Wealth by Daniel Quinn:

On Wealth
Daniel Quinn

Daniel Quinn is the author of the book Ishmael, and subsequent books in the same 'story'.  I stumbled on him by reading his book, Providence in a single evening.  He espouses many of the ideas I've been circling around for a couple of decades, and he does so with clarity and with accuracy that I can't reach in my own thoughts and writing.  So, I'll let him say it :-)  I think that a lot of what he says is germaine to the modern shaman's conundrum of "how do I practice this tribal art form/scienceform of shamanism in my modern, non-tribal world?" 

The answer, of course, is a very shamanic one:  we do not inhabit the world we think we do. 

An article about Spirit Communication by a shamanic friend:

Talking To The Spirits by
Lauren Torres

Sensible information on communication with the helping spirits and  with the not-s-helping spirits.

An article about spirit possession following the tsunamis in Japan in 2011.

Ghosts of the Tsunami by
Richard Lloyd Perry

This is a fascinating look at natural disaster involving massive casualties, both human and non-human, and resulting spirit possession that occurs after.