Space Clearing and House Blessing in Asheville, NC with Jeffrey Rich

Descriptions of the Shamanic Healing methods I have been trained in and which I use in my healing practice. Click here to make an appointment to explore space clearing in Asheville, NC with Jeffrey Rich.
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Space Clearing

Space Clearing is working shamanically with the energies and helping spirits of place. Physical places can get saturated with dense, heavy, unworkable energies and they can become the repository and perpetuator of imbalanced energy fields which warp and affect our ways of being when we are in them.

The workplace is often a place where confused and emotionally-charged energies accumulate. Churches, temples and other places of worship often have a very pristine energy, a feeling of high-vibration, highly refined energies. Space clearing is a way of cleansing and disconnecting physical places from energies which adversely affect those who live and work in them.

Blessing a House

Energy fields can accumulate in living and working spaces just like dust bunnies! Shamanic space clearing can dramatically improve the energies and feel of a place, making it a more pleasant environment and fostering more harmonious living and working conditions. When I clear a space, I also bless it, so space clearing and blessing of house go hand-in-hand.

Blessing of house and home is a beautiful ceremony which calms the energies and clears away the imprints and energetic resonances of former owners and occupants. Blessing a house can make it easier to sell; sometimes a house sits on the market for a long time because its resonant energies include the conflict of former owners, making potential buyers uneasy. Blessing a house removes these resonant energies, restoring the property to its normal, pristine energetic state. 

Clearing Objects

Space Clearing is also effective for clearing the energies of objects, especially objects that you are giving up, or objects that you have received from an unknown source. Clearing the resonances from objects received ensures that the calm energies of your home will not be disturbed when this object is brough into your living space.

Clearing the resonances from objects you are giving away or selling ensures that all of your energetic ties to that object have been removed.

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