Soul Retrieval and Soul Renewal

Shamanic Soul Retrieval and Soul Renewal returns your lost vital soul essence to you. You may have shed this soul essence in times of great shock, need, or even in times of great joy. Your soul does this in order to protect you in times of extreme overload of emotion or in times of danger, sorrow, or joy.

Living without your vital soul essence means that you are most certainly underpowered, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Soul Retrieval and Soul Restoration is the process used to retrieve this essence and re-integrate it into your vital energetic body. Soul Retrieval and Restoration can restore your vitality, cognitive abilities, and proper emotional responses in your every day life.

This type of shamanic healing can be a truly life-changing experience for you, re-balancing your day-to-day energies and easing your responses to formerly intractable stresses. It is a gentle and invigorating, renewing method of shamanic healing. I bring my considerable experience and training to your Soul Retrieval session.

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