Extraction of Spiritual Energetic Intrusions

Spiritual Energetic Intrusions

Spiritual energetic intrusions are foreign energies that have lodged in your energy field and taken up residence there - they are neither good nor bad, just energies which are simply in the wrong place and which don't mesh with the natural energies of your body. Spiritual intrusions are generally non-sentient energies that have found their way into your energy system and don't belong where they have come to reside within your energy field.

Some people have a special talent for mobilizing energy, and these people are often very, very good at this, even when they don't know it. Most people have no clue about the damage that they are causing you; anger and high emotion is just a way of life for them. Strong emotion can be the fuel for this kind of energy mobilization, so anger and rage situations are a common source of these kinds of energetic intrusions. In these situations, that emotional energy is used to create and to fling a dart of their energy at you, which lodges in your energy field. This is most likely if you are resonant with the situation or participating in the emotion, too, such as in an argument or a road rage incident. 

Spiritual energetic intrusions such as these can create pain in your body, irritations, discomfort, and fatigue, and can exacerbate emotional issues such as depression. These kinds of symptoms due to spiritual energetic intrusions can be surprisingly resistant to change by standard treatments.

Extracting spiritual energetic intrusions is a classic method of shamanic healing which restores your energy field to its natural harmonious state and can help soothe the chronic pains caused by them and can help restore your emotional balance. Not all pain is due to spiritual energetic intrusions, but when this is the cause, extracting these intrusions often brings immediate relief.

Energy Blocks

Other kinds of energy blockages can show up in all sorts of other ways in your energy field, too. Sometimes you create your own intrusions! These can be thoughtforms, or curse-like persistent beliefs and judgments about yourself, your life, and your body. They can also be other kinds of energy snarls or projections which other people create and send to you, knowingly or unknowingly.

These energy blocks disrupt the normal flow of energy in your body and interfere with your normal harmonious way of being. Energy blocks are foreign imbalances within your energy field that can be corrected, helping that energy return to its proper place once more.

Once free of intrusions, you are likely to feel a sense of increased ease, and cessation of irritations, pain and dysfunction.

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