Curse Unraveling

Curses, Oaths, Hexes and Whammies are energetic complexes that can affect your daily life, whether you believe in them, or not.

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Curse Unraveling, Soul Contract Unraveling, Oath Unraveling

At their simplest, curses are potent energetic constructs which warp, deflect and deform the space-time around you, enabling tendencies for certain events and diminishing the opportunities for other events to happen in your life. Curses entangle you. Curses can be either intentional, or unintentional. An example of an un-intentional curse is criticism, accepted and taken in by you which then becomes self-fulfilling in your life when you have invested in it.

Curses that you don't know about or believe in often have the most power and ability to change the course of your life. Whether you personally believe in them or not, curses are very real Middle World energetic phenomena that may be affecting you.

Are there patterns of events or behavior that seem to repeat from generation to generation in your family? Did something happen to you at a similar time of life that also happened to your parent and to his/her parent? Do you have consistent bad luck? do people treat you in a certain way for no apparent reason? If so, there may be curse energy at work which is attached to your energy field.

"I feel like something's just not right"

It seems like many people walking around today have some version of the curse "I'm not OK", or "there's something wrong with me". This particular curse may have come from outside of you, placed in your energy field by by a Person In Authority, a parent, a teacher, a sibling, some bit of criticism that you sincerely believed and have accepted, keeping it alive within yourself. "What's wrong with me?" seems to be a familiar curse that comes from these times.

Unraveling and untangling curse energies frees up valuable life force for you and ends the suffering and ill-luck that they cause for you and your family line.

Curse energies can also stem from ancestral oaths and agreements. Many ancient voluntary slavery oaths were of the form, "I and my issue will be your faithful servants forever."  (Search Wikipedia for articles on "Oaths of Commendation" and "Oaths of Fealty" for more about this).
Unraveling these oaths can untangle you from the energies of the unfinished business of your ancestors.

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