Quechua - Tips and Study Suggestions

Learning the mechanics of the Quechua language is not difficult. It does take repetition and perseverance.

Spaced Repetition

Spaced Repetition has been used by the Pimsleur Language System since the 60s. Spaced Repetition is a system of refreshing a factoid you've seen at a specific interval so that it will move more quickly from your short-term into your long-term memory. Learning facts is not about how much you study, but how often.

It is based on a concept called The Forgetting Curve and easily implemented in manual or automated flashcard systems using the Leitner Box system. (There are a couple of youtube videos explaining manual Leitner Box flashcard implementations if you like your info visually.)

The system goes something like this: we have 5 (or 7) 'boxes' or levels for our flashcards. Every new flashcard starts in box #1. In a review session, if we remember the card correctly, it moves up a level into the next box. If we forget a card, it goes back into box #1 no matter which box it had gotten to. Our goal is to remember all cards correctly, and so move them all into the last box. The wonderful thing about this sytem is that for cards we habitually get wrong, they move back to box #1 again. This means we will keep on refreshing that pesky information a lot more times and so see it more often so that it will move it into long-term memory.

Learning involves several functions; understanding, remembering, and being able to repeat and use the information.

Understanding is not the same as remembering.

Helpful Software

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