Quechua Module 1 Review - Putting it All Together

Conjugations, Possessives, Numbers, Colors, Suffixes, and Vocabulary

Try your hand at translating the following
"my misa"
"your misa"
"His/Her misa"
"seven khuyas?"
hint'seven khuya-plural'
"one khuya"
Kichay = 'to open'. "I am opening my misa"
hint'misa-mine open-ongoing-I'
Watay = 'to close'. "I close my misa"?
hint'misa-mine close-I'
unkhuñaYou've probably heard this referred to as a 'manta'. The unkhuña is a woven cloth, medium in size. It can be used for carrying coca or food. This is the cloth generally used for khuyas.
is green."
"Your unkhuña is purple."
"He is with Tony."
hint'he Tony-with'
"My misa is in the tent."
hint'misa-mine tent-in'
"I am walking to Apu Ausangate"
hint'Apu Ausangate-towards walk-ongoing-I'
"We (inclusive) walked to Apu Ausangate"