Quechua Grammar Basics - Arrticles, Plurals, and Collective Nouns

Definite Articles

You are soooo in luck: the definite article 'the' does not exist in Quechua! Yay! I wish it were so in German ...
BUT, adding the particle 'qa' to a noun indcates this definite article for singular words:

Alqoqa puñushan. The dog is sleeping.

Indefinite Article

You are ALSO in luck with the indefinte articles a and an: just add the word hoq, or 'one':

Hoq wasi. A house.
Hoq runa. A man.
Hoq warmi. A woman.

Plurals are formed by adding kuna to the noun:

Hoq wasikuna. Some houses.


Plurals aren't that bad, either: for nouns, just add the suffix kuna:

Alqokuna. Dogs.

Plurals are also formed by adding kuna and qa to the noun, and ku to the verb:

Alqokunaqa puñushanku. The dogs are sleeping.

Collective Nouns

Collective nouns are really a piece of cake, too: for nouns, just repeat:

Sach'a-sach'a. Forest. ('tree-tree')